Unlocking Your Organization's Potential From Start To Finish

Working with Releford Consulting Solutions Inc., They will help you:

  • Gain clarity on how to write your grant
  • Branding and marketing strategies to gain the funder's attention
  • Learn the best fail-proof strategies for building a solid fundraising plan and organizational plan
  • Create a strong Board of Directors and Advisors
  • Increase Donor-base and Fundraising revenue
  • Staff & Volunteer retention
  • Establish In-kind grants and Government Contracts
  • Increase your chances of funding with grants and sponsorships
  • Optimize on other revenue streams for a thriving nonprofit

Consulting Packages To Meet Your Organization's Needs

Silver Package: Done For You/ Customizable Nonprofit Communications (We take care of the content for you, so you can focus on your impact. Best for all organizations who want increase their engagement and conversions)

(monthly subscription or $500 per project)

✓ Fundraising Campaigns, Sponsorship letters, Letters of Intent

✓ Marketing/Automations (emails, direct mail, social media posts)

✓ Personalized Newsletters, Blogs, Flyers, Ads, Event Descriptions, etc.

Grant Readiness

Grants or Proposals

Pitching To Donors & Funders

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Digital Content Creation & Management
$350.00 USD Monthly

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Digital Content Creation & Management
$350.00 USD Monthly

Gold Package: Grant & Proposal Writing (Best for 1st time applicants and small to medium organizations)

(payment plan available)

✓ Grant Search (up to 20 grants)

✓ Grant Writing Collaboration/Strategy (up to 3 grant applications)

✓ Grant Submission (up to 3 grants)

✓ Grant Review (up to 3 applications)

✓ Program and Curriculum Development

✓ Grantee & Sub-awardee Readiness


Platinum Package: Technical Assistance & Capacity Building (Best for new awardees and mid-level organizations)

Quarterly Retainer (payment plan available)

✓ Gold package PLUS

✓ Grant & Data Management, Donor Management, Program Evaluations

✓ Technical Assistance (Project Management)

 Board Governance 

Policies and Procedures

 Technical Assistance (Volunteers)



Here’s What To Expect With Releford Consulting Solutions Inc.

Benefit A

Executive Director's Guide

Understand your role as director and day to day tasks to run a successful organization.

Benefit B

Grant Writing Services/Technical Assistance

Work alongside their team with a grant and gain their expert advice for submitting a successful grant application.

Benefit C


Clarity on all things nonprofit related from start to finish.

Benefit D

Funding Strategy

Develop fundraising strategic plans for successful funding in 2022 and beyond.

Benefit F

Grant & Professional Management

Complete and professional full program management & technical assistance service to help you manage your grant, board, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders so you can focusing on expanding your organization's mission and vision.