Do you experience anxiety or have ADHD and need support with starting and growing your business?

Hi, I'm Shakira! I am a behavior analyst, nonprofit consultant, grants expert, executive director, yoga instructor, ASL tutor and instructor, a lover of ethnic foods, a wife, a mom, a sister, a leader,  AND NEURODIVERGENT!!


I work with amazing entrepreneurs, such as yourself, to provide them with fail-proof tools and the confidence they need to start, grow, and scale their business(es) or nonprofits without the barriers that hold them back from achieving their goals.


I work with each client personally to ensure that their success(es) are huge wins for them; both for their business and personal life! 


I was in your shoes once. I was working for an amazing company with great pay, but was feeling....lost. Stuck almost.


As if I didn't belong there (or anywhere). What once excited me started to become unmotivating and just plain hard. I was struggling with bad anxiety and my OCD compulsions was making my work way too complicated


I knew I had a much greater calling and purpose on my life, but my intrusive thoughts and anxiety tried to convince me that I would fail and no one would believe in me! 


I needed to find a way out. An opportunity to work on my own terms, still earn a living for help support my family, follow my dreams, yet, advocate for my invisible disabilities (I have more than one) without compromise. So, I buckled down, pushed past my thoughts, invested in a coach, created my businesses (by accident LOL, but I'll share that later once we meet), and scaled them to become successful 5-6 figures income streams.


Now, I'm committed to teaching/ supporting you on how to do the same...without compromise and with a whole lot of advocacy!


Purchase 4 Sessions

One month of weekly coaching to help you create your roadmap and develop a plan that'll help you grow your business.

**Payments made weekly. Non-refundable**



Purchase 12 Sessions

Three months of weekly coaching to help you create your entire business roadmap and implement that plan so you can fast-track your progress and start seeing results.



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Gain Clarity
We will eliminate the guesswork together so you'll know exactly what do to grow your business.
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Learn To Optimize
You'll receive the step by step road map I used to earn 5-6 figures in my business.
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Become The "Go-To" Guru
We'll work together on how and why you are the guru at what you do and remove all roadblocks, so that your perfect audience can "see" you. Your prospects will become clients right away.
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Best Kept Productivity "Hacks"
Starting and managing a business is hard, but for you, you'll learn exactly how to make it easier on you so you can buy back more peace and time. Say goodbye to the anxiety hamster wheel!
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"Shakira has been such an incredible asset to starting to starting up Sweet Honey & Sacrifice. She was an encourager from the very beginning. She is the one who made me believe that I could do anything and that she would walk me through the process. If you have an idea and you want help launching that idea and creating a successful business, look no further. You have found her in Shakira".

- Tina, Iowa

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"Very patient and mad me feel so confident running my own business. I fee better prepared to handle everything". 

- Kyle, Texas

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"Shakira has been a blessing to Emotions 4Life. Her wealth of knowledge and professionalism has instilled confidence. She has been 100% invested in the success of our nonprofit and for that, she has a permanent client in us".

- Nick, South Carolina